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Here are a few testimonials from some of our clients.

Spectral Diagnostics, Inc.

"SLC Consulting has been with us almost since the very beginning. They developed, implemented and coordinated our worldwide product launches pertaining to all our packaging needs. Now we utilize their services for all our manufacturing, engineering and validation needs."

- Chris Plaxton, Executive Vice President and CFO

"We like to think of SLC Consulting as our "Jack of all Trades" consulting partner. Their staff of Medical Device product launch consultants help us coordinate our manufacturing efforts in order to maintain a continuous flow of product."

- Donna Edmonds, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing

Aearo Company

"We were at a very critical juncture with two of our largest customers. We needed to convert 150 products from existing packaging and shipping configurations to new packaging and shipping configurations in order to keep the business. SLC Consulting was brought in to do the conversion. They delivered the changes in six months. That's why they continue to be one of our leading consulting organizations."

- Jim Floyd, Vice President, Logistics and Product Supply

"I utilized SLC's services when I was at Dow Chemical. We had a need that required expertise in engineering skill sets we didn't possess. SLC Consulting came in and delivered the projects we needed efficiently and within budget. I did not hesitate to call them again when we became inundated with projects we couldn't complete. I would definitely recommend their services."

- Tim Millar, Director, Product Supply and Packaging Engineering

Nabi (North American Biologicals Inc.)

"We had six months to introduce four of our biggest diagnostics products. I needed an outside team that could hit the ground running. I called on SLC Consulting because of the reputation they have built in the Medical Device community for bringing products to market. Without question, it was one of my best moves."

- Lisa Marton, Director of Marketing